Monofins for Kids


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Model 3 Monofin

Model 3 Monofin specifically made for children. Perfect for 10-14 years old finswimmers. The Monofin comes with 62cm wide blade. Great choice for finswimming training and…

Monofin DoZo

The DoZo monofin is a designed for swimming trainings. The monofin’s blade is made of high quality and durable composite fiber. Size 50cm*45cm/19,7 inch* 17,7 inch.…

Monofin for Kids

Monofin for Kids is specifically designed for kids from 8 to 12 years old. It comes with a 50cm (20 inch), wide rubber coated blade,…

Powerfin Monofin

Please note, if the colour which you have selected is out of stock, we will send Powerfins – Color Blue A rubber Powerfin Monofin is the…