Mermaid monofins


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Fishtail Glide monofin

Fishtail Glide Monofin is fresh version of WaterWay Fins Glide. The new shape of the blade makes the Glide fin more responsive. Great for depth,…

Mermaid Monofin

Mermaid Monofin from WaterWayFins made specially for mermaids. The monofin’s blade is made of high quality and durable composite fiberglass. Soft edges for maximum safety.…

Mermaid Nemo Fin

WaterWay Mermaid Nemo Fin comes with a blade made of high quality and durable fiberglass.The fin comes with soft edges for maximum safety. The Mermaid Nemo…

Powerfin Monofin

Please note, if the colour which you have selected is out of stock, we will send Powerfins – Color Blue A rubber Powerfin Monofin is the…