Lifesaving Fins


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Lifesaving Speed Fins

Speed Fins are the most advanced lifesaving fins in the world. Come with WaterWay’s revolutinary cast rubber footpockets for the best possible energy transfer and a…

Lifesaving Speed Fins Carbon

Lifesaving Speed Fins Carbon is the Carbon version of WaterWay’s most advanced lifesaving fins. Including WaterWay’s revolutionary cast rubber foot pockets for the best possible…

Lifesaving Carbon fins

Lifesaving Carbon fins is a carbon variation of WaterWay’s lifesaving fins. Fins come with composite carbon-fiber blades. WaterWay Lifesaving Carbon fins come with pure carbon-fiberglass…

Lifesaving fins

Lifesaving fins is a great product for trainings from WaterWay Fins. Available width is: 22cm; 23cm; 24cm; 25cm. Fins come with a 100 micron fiberglass blades. Guaranteed to supply athletes…

Junior Lifesaving fins

Junior Lifesaving fins from Waterway Fins. Comes with a 21cm wide and a composite fiber blade. The blade is constructed of 100 micron thick layers of…